What you will need to order your Jacket


1.    Choose your Jacket Style,  Body color, Sleeve material, Sleeve Color, Pocket inset color (usually the same as the sleeves), and snap color if necessary. (Most schools have standard patterns), if we have done your school before your will find your school on the link below.

2.    Carefully measure your chest size in inches

3.    What year in school are you currently?  If you are a Freshman or Sophomore be sure to accommodate additional growth if you think that it will happen.

4.    Decide what chenille name patches you will want on the jacket.

5.    Call us and give us the information   

6.    Send us any patches that you have in your possession ( make sure you insure them if USPS.        

7.     We will confirm your order, then order your jacket, sew the chenille patches on, and ship you your finished jacket in about four weeks.